Woven Wraps

A woven wrap is the most versatile carrier there is! Yes it requires some skills but once you master the wrap there are no limits in carrying options! It can be used as a Ring Sling and can do all the things a SSC and Strechty can do plus so much more. The Woven wrap has no lower or upper weight limit and can be used as a front/ hip or back carry. There are so many carries out there you can do with a woven wrap. However, the best part is that this piece of fabric wraps around your baby like a second skin. If you only want one carrier from the beginning all the way to the end, and you don't mind investing a bit of time into learning the required skills, this carrier is perfect! Another benefit of a woven wrap is that it can also function as a scarf or a blanket and can easily be tucked away in a handbag! It washes easily and dries quickly.

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