Babywearing Consultations

I am glad you found us. From time to time, we can all feel overwhelmed when caring for a baby. Baby carriers seem like the perfect solution to caring for your baby while being able to do all sorts of things. But how do you find the right carrier?

We are here to assist you in your babywearing journey and make your life easier with factual knowledge and hands on help. We will support you in finding the baby carrier that fits you best. A safe, simple and quick and easy to use carrier that both of you can equally enjoy.


Our promise to you is that after a consultation with us you will be confident in using the carrier of your choice.

We have all benefited from carrying our babies so much, and we are so happy to have the opportunity to help you. We know that all our babies want to be held but we need to get things done.

Babywearing can help you do the things you want to do.

We offer "In-Person" consultations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Gippsland and Kununurra and of course "Online" via Zoom. 

We cannot wait to hear from you!


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